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This website is a presentation of the public domain astrology textbook “The Astrological Aspects” by Charles E.O. Carter, published in 1930.  Being familiar with astrological symbols and terminology will be helpful.  At the end of each listing, you will find Carter’s list of examples for each aspect.  Now thanks to the internet and Wikipedia, you should be able to find biographies on almost every single person listed for further study.

Unfortunately, this website doesn’t offer any commercial or automated services.   If you need your horoscope natal/birth chart, you may get free chart drawings at professional astrological websites such as Astro Dienst and Cafe Astrology.  Or you can find suitable resources and services at the American Federation of Astrologers:

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I registered “TheAstrologicalAspects.com” on Nov. 5, 2010 at 11:55pm.   That date probably doesn’t mean anything to most readers.   But, for me it signaled a culmination of a retrograde Uranus transiting a sharp Square to my natal Sun position.   Of course, I didn’t know it at the time.    Through October I was obliviously living my everyday pattern.    But, as students of astrology know, when Uranus signals your life to change, your life WILL change.   I found myself caught in a compulsive drive to acquire various domain names, this site being one of them.

I was somewhat at a loss for what to do with all these new websites.   I originally thought to use this particular address as my personal blog, but as I thought about it, I gradually realized one man in particular should have “TheAstrologicalAspects.com” as his web address…

…Charles Ernest Owen Carter.

Who was this man?  Only one of the most outstanding astrologers of the 20th century.   Rather than theoretically interpret a horoscope, he preferred instead to scientifically record his observations for each astrological aspect as they manifested in the lives of those he studied.  You may read more about this great teacher at the following websites:




An idea took birth.  Why not place one of his classic works online?  Sure, Google does it, but their format is only partial, extremely clumsy and difficult for lovers of the art to actually use

I wrote to the American Federation of Astrologers, publishers of “The Astrological Aspects” written by C.E.O. Carter and released in 1930, and asked whether this book had entered the public domain.   The answer was yes.  What followed was a frantic week of transcription and proofreading, preparing this material for online use.   Only when the dust cleared did I even think to check the ephemeris.   Sure enough, Uranus was the culprit and I only noticed his influence after it had directed me to complete an action.

This website is the result, presenting the full public domain text of “The Astrological Aspects” by C.E.O. Carter.   Use it well.   Students of the astrological art will soon recognize that MANY modern astrology books are using C.E.O. Carter as a reference and a source, because the language is very similar.   I’ve tried as best I can to preserve Carter’s Queens English and his original words.

Beyond this presentation for research purposes, this website offers no commercial services.   Nor does this site owner perform horoscopes professionally.    To make the best use of this site, please come with your horoscope birth chart already printed out with your astrological aspects listed.   Then, simply find the appropriate page tab at the top of the website.

I may decide to upload further public domain astrology resources in the future.  If you have any astrological news or related-events and would like me to list them, please feel free to contact me using the box below.   I’d be more than happy to place them as blog entries.  And finally, while perusing, if you find errors in spelling or grammar (beyond the usual difference between American and Queens English) also use the box below to inform me of them.

Please consider donating via Paypal for the maintenance of this website.

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