Mars / Neptune




These contacts appear to indicate a clean-minded, honest, straight-dealing character, with decided leanings towards practical helpfulness.  The native is charitable, and sees the best in people so far as he is able, but there is also a power to detect insincerity and duplicity.  Even with the good aspects the native is likely to have to exert this faculty.

They favour abstemiousness in drink and self-control generally; often there is great care for personal cleanliness.  The emotions and passions are powerful, but controlled and well directed.

They may bring benefits through the sea and maritime things in general, such as cables, marine stores and instruments, submarine telegraphy and other shipping matters.

There is frequently a liking for the arts or one of them, but this is much more pronounced with the Inharmonious contacts, the Harmonious inclining rather to practical affairs.

The health may receive benefit from residence by the sea.



This is a very potent feature in any map.  The temperament is fond of romance, colourful things, painting, ritual, music, dancing and similar expressions of the emotions.  There may be vanity and much self-approbation, with lofty aspirations which tend beyond the possible or desirable.  The enthusiasms are not always wise or well-controlled.  There may be an analytic tendency, a desire to plumb the depths, or there may be a soaring ambition, but the native seldom seeks ordinary or merely routine things.

With respect to externalities, things ruled by the house wherein the Conjunction falls are likely to present intricate and important problems; and perhaps ill-will and cunning will be aimed at the native from those directions.  Sometimes there may be a great apparent success and power in regard to the matters denoted by the house-position and rulerships, but often this proves illusory or is marred by treachery.  Bitter disappointment and disillusionment may follow on bright beginnings.  As a typical example, in the 5th house, still-born children may occur.



Of all planetary contacts these have been presented in the worst possible light, and they have often been stated to indicate extraordinary depravity, usually either in regard to sex or drugs.

It may be at once said that there is a modicum of truth in these allegations – and very little more.  These aspects do undoubtedly stimulate the imagination immensely, so that, if the mind is of a sordid character, the fancies take their hue from it, and revel in impurity, sometimes with external results of a grave kind.  On the other hand, in an otherwise good natus, the influence may be harmlessly, and even usefully, discharged in some direction wherein the imagination can receive adequate scope.  Hence we find this contact exceedingly common in the maps of actors and painters, singers, dancers and others following cognate pursuits.  It is also by no means rare in the maps of astrologers, because the sublime character of our art gives scope for exalted flights of the imagination.  Ordinary life is too humdrum and colourless for the Mars-Neptune native; hence he seeks pursuits that are capable of appealing to the romantic and grandeur-loving elements of the soul.  That some seek a false satisfaction in the realms of the drug-taker and the sensualist does not alter the basic character of the aspect.

Nevertheless, high emotionalism may lead to serious conditions.  The native is often slow to admit error.  His abilities may fall short of his aspirations – indeed they are sure to do so; hence there may be a poignant sense of failure, often due to some inner neurotic condition rather than to an outward and tangible obstacle.  The contact often breeds irrational fears or phobias.

Often there is a generous but short-sighted and resentful sympathy with the oppressed, and extremist and visionary tendencies may develop.  Robespierre had these planets conjoined, and in Square to the Sun.  The Conjunction occurs also in Lenin’s map.

There may be a vindictive, bullying, unscrupulous disposition and cunning methods of business, such as those of the “bucket-shot.”

In regard to the external life, the native, though himself honourable and clean-living, may be brought into contact with the objectionable sides of life – indeed, it is certain that this will be the case.  For example, unscrupulous moneylenders, cheats, share-pushers, persons addicted to sexual irregularities, drug-takers or vendors, course-minded and foul-mouthed persons, bullies, dishonest bankrupts, courtesans, drunkards and so forth.  He should avoid such elements most strictly or he may learn that one does not touch pitch without defilement.  His kindness and charity may be imposed upon.

The most necessary desiderata for the native are to find adequate and useful outlets for the imagination, and to learn to let reason control this faculty, not only in some things but in all, for often the native is not so much generally uncontrolled in his imagination, as he is perfectly level-headed on nearly all matters, yet is liable to lose his balance in respect to some.

The effect on the health is through worry, diseases of the imagination or through poisons or bad water.  I believe there is some peril to be apprehended from animals, and from treacherous and brutal human beings.  Neither of these dangers will be great unless other serious positions concur.




King George V, Queen Mary, Joseph Chamberlain, Charles Dickens, Immanuel Kant, Lindbergh, Lord Leverhulme, Algernon Blackwood, Sir James Barrie, W.T. Stead, Lord French, John Bright.


The Conjunction

Napoleon, Robespierre, D.G. Rossetti, Blackbourne (chess champion), Lord Rosebery, Lenin, Strauss, Sarah Bernhardt, Joshua Reynolds, Morinus, Georges Sand, Shelley, Blake, A.J. Balfour, Leon Blum, Laval.



Major Dreyfus, Jay Gould, Pierpont Morgan, Cecil Rhodes, George Bidder, “A Bullfighter,” W.J. Bryan, Algernon Swinburne, Helen Keller, Ludendorff.