Moon / Jupiter




The Moon and Jupiter form an excellent combination, since they are assimilated by the exaltation of Jupiter in Cancer.

In regard to character and temperament, they cause the native to be good-natured, friendly, helpful and sympathetic, particularly with the unfortunate and helpless.  There is usually much affection for animal pets.   There is often a certain amount of shrewdness and business ability.

It is extremely favourable for matters of the 9th and 12th houses, such as sport, religion, drama, journalism, films, criticism and travel.  Although there is no particular inclination to travel (unless this arises from something else in the map), it ensures fortunate circumstances should journeys in foreign countries be undertaken.  In many cases, the “journeys” are of a mental and imaginary character, such as those of writers of fiction, or the speculation of philosophers, such as Swedenborg.   It is excellent for residence abroad.

In the case of males it often appears to bring benefits through the wife, but, contrary to expectation, I do not find that men with this configuration always marry women of a Jovian character, unless there is a direct application to Jupiter.  On the other hand, women with these aspects do seem to be attracted towards men of a religious or otherwise a Jupiter type.  In my own family I know of three cases wherein women with the Moon in aspect to Jupiter have married men with that planet in the 1st house.

Its effects on the health are beneficial.  It tends to good spirits, contentment and cheerful energy.  The emotional nature is usually active, lively and inclined to optimism.

As with all contacts with Jupiter (even Inharmonious ones), the native will be brought into touch with wealth, even if he is not personally wealthy.

For some reason which I do not understand Moon Trine Jupiter in Air is common in the maps of violent criminals.  Perhaps it aids the criminal to disguise his proclivities.



This aspect, like the Harmonious contacts, confers great sympathy and protectiveness, as well as success in similar ways.

Except that it is more powerful it does not seem to differ from the Trine and Sextile, but perhaps it is more restless and given to change and travel.  The energies are considerable and as a general rule the practical abilities are of a high order.

Sometimes there is a spice of vanity and a tendency to consider oneself more important than one actually is.

The tendency may explain such a case as Landru’s, who had Sun/Moon Conjunction Jupiter.

N.N. 271 (poisoned relatives for insurance money) had (Moon Conjunction Jupiter) Opposition (Sun Conjunction Uranus)



There is often the same good humour that we find with the good aspects, as well as kindliness and generosity.  But the disposition is much more restless and sometimes even combative, while in more “stagnant” maps, containing more Venus and Mars influence, there may be a lazy and self-indulgent tendency.  It may be superstitious, and is sometimes an extremist either for or against religion.  The native either dislikes religion or quarrels about it.  In the same way, there is usually misfortune in regard to foreign countries or foreigners, and these contacts occur often in the maps of statesmen or soldiers who have been in conflict with foreign powers.

In his attitude to money and business affairs the native is not as a rule balanced.  Sometimes there is avarice, sometimes indifference and carelessness.  It is more often imprudent than extravagant, in my experience, this latter vice being common when Mars is in affliction with Jupiter.  In the same way it is at times rebellious and given to attacks upon conventionality; but here also it is necessary that Mars should take a hand if there is to be anything violent.  For the Moon and Jupiter are both too kindly and gentle in character to occasion by themselves any very serious outbreaks.  Rather it may be said that, when other elements in a map supply this destructive energy, the afflictions of Moon-Jupiter give direction to it.

It is less happy than the good aspects, and it may cause the native to “let things slide” to his or her detriment.  But almost any contact of Jupiter tends to bring the native to some extent into touch with ease, comfort and a certain amount of success, and the Squares and Oppositions of the Moon and Jupiter are often found in the maps of successful people.  The extent of its power to do harm depends greatly upon Saturn, for if that planet be strong it will control its too optimistic and easy-going tendencies.

In regard to health it affects the liver adversely, particularly if the native be of a slothful habit or given to over-eating.   It is to be noted, however, that although we find these Sybaritic proclivities in some Moon-Jupiter people (George IV), in others the opposite extreme is quite as marked (Mahatma Ghandhi).

It often leads to enforced and more or less unpleasant residence in foreign countries.




Alan Leo, Thomas Hardy, G.B. Shaw, Mary Pickford, Henry Irving, Dr. Berry, Swedenborg


The Conjunction

Czar Nicholas II, Lord Brougham, Annie Besant, Queen Mary, Frederick the Great (with Saturn), Stainton Moses (spiritist), Burnand (editor of Punch), George IV, Hindenburg, Jules Verge, Adolf Hitler.



Clemencaeau, Jay Gould, Ghandhi, Bismark, Richard Burton, Valantino, Ruskin, Laud, Lord Roberts, Dr. Goebbels.