Moon / Mercury





These configurations indicate a happy relationship between brain and common-sense, two things by no mean always found in unison.  There is usually a shrewd, careful, understanding mind, with a good deal of sense and a kindly disposition, the benevolence of the Moon tempering the Mercurial matter-of-fact tendencies.


Often there is nothing strikingly brilliant in the mentality, but it is sound, logical and judicious.  Usually it is honest and straight-dealing.


The contacts are excellent for all mental matters and for affairs of the 3rd house, such as writing, lecturing and all ways and means of communicating ideas, news and information.


Furthermore, the 4th house benefits through the lunar influence; the mind is fitted to deal with all domestic things; with land, house-property, furniture and so forth.  It is good for an architect, builder, brick-maker, carpenter, plumber or dealer in furnishings of any sort.


In monarchs, officials and governors it seems to make for popularity and a good Press.


The speech and literary style are usually plain, direct and matter-of-fact.


Through the 6th house the configuration benefits health, gives healthful habits, prudence in care of the body and sound nerves.


To a man the marriage is usually beneficial, unless other factors, such as the 7th house, contradict this.  The wife is often clever, entertaining, astute and helpful in business matters.





This is often the indication of an unusually active, penetrating understanding; a powerful brain and a fertile imagination.


It occurs in the maps of persons of high intelligence, and its only disadvantage is its sensitiveness.  Sometimes there is a certain whimsicality and eccentricity in those born with it.


It inclines to make the native careful about, and interested in, matters of hygiene, the effect upon the health and nervous system being apparently beneficial.





This contact seems as a rule to signify a more acute intellect than the Harmonious aspects; but the mind is less stable and well-ordered.  There is very often a combative tendency and a sharp tongue – Raphael speaks of “backbiting, lying and slandering,” which is probably rather excessive.  But there is a noticeable proclivity for gossip, and sometimes expressions are used in the wrong manner or at the wrong time, giving rise to misunderstandings and offence.  It is a very independent influence, and occurs often in the maps of reformers, especially of those who attack the habits of the people:  it is prone to be sensitive and even withdrawn.   Sometimes the native may live before the public, but reside figuratively speaking on a pedestal, or, on the other hand, he may seek physical seclusion.


It does not incline to popularity, or the popularity may be fitful; it is bad for all 3rd house matters, such as publications; and it induces criticism, especially in the press.   On the other hand, the native may have many perfervid followers but he may be equally disliked by other sections: it brings one into the arena and storms are apt to gather round the native’s head.  Usually the abilities are sufficient to enable him to hold his own.


In men’s maps it tends to slanderous attacks or criticisms in regard to women: for example, the imprisonment of W.T. Stead in consequence of the “Maiden Tribute” affair.  (Venus also Square Neptune.)  In neither sex is it good for marriage, although it is in itself a general rather than a specific influence; and it should not be regarded as likely to cause any definite condition unless aspects of a more decisive character intervene.  I have known cases in which men have been persistently attacked on the score of their morals when this aspect has been combined with some such indication as Venus in affliction with Neptune.


These contacts seem to make the people born with them very sympathetic, and often actively so; there are many examples where they have been the champions of the weak, as a reference to the examples will demonstrate.   They are in fact very sensitive to any attacks upon their protégés or friends.  It is one of the loyalest of aspects, and will always fly to arms on behalf of those it likes, demanding that strangers should treat its allies much more considerately than it is often prepared to do itself.  It is often a genuine patriot and gets much misunderstood for its pain (Lord Roberts); on the other hand, it may champion its country’s enemies, and get abused yet more (W.T. Stead – “Shall I slay my brother Boer?”


In many respects this conformation seems to me to resemble what is commonly ascribed to Uranus.   It may easily become violent like that planet; sometimes it is rather inclined to jeremiads.


It is usually highly-strung, restless and excitable.  The nervous system may not be strong, and it may incline (through Mercury’s rulership of Virgo) to make the native interested in health, even to the extent of worrying unduly on that account.  Probably the body is specially affected by the mind in those born with these positions.


The influence of the Moon on Mercury may lead to the mind being stamped with family prejudices and limited points of view.







Kant, Alan Leo, Edward III, Edward VII, William of Orange.



The Conjunction


Baden-Powell, Blackbourne (chess champion), Professor R.A. Milliken, Horatio Bottomley.





Shelley, William Blake, Mrs. Eddy, Mrs. Besant, Ruskin, Oscar Wilde, Gladstone, Hindenburg, Don Carlos of Portugal, Sarah Bernhardt.