Saturn / Neptune




This can be a most valuable combination, indicating powers of hard work, conscientious attention to detail, foresight, method and what may be called tactical ability, or the capacity to arrange and marshal things.

Further, it betokens considerable common sense, canniness and ability to protect one’s own interests.  The native sticks to his own and will rarely give away what is his right, except as an act of free generosity.  He may be self-willed, for he has definite standards by which he judges things with decision – “yea” or “nay”; he quickly feels resentment if there is a trespass against his standard of what is right and becoming.  He can as a rule look after himself extremely well, and at the same time he will discharge his own obligations with scrupulous care and fidelity.  In fact, cases may be observed wherein one may say that Neptune raises Saturn to its ideal standard.

The native will often be found in positions of command, and it seems as if married women with these contacts are rarely in the least degree subservient to their husbands.

It is excellent for purposes of business, especially organising and arranging.  Similarly the tactical and strategic powers of the contact are most helpful to military commanders, and so likewise its prudence and previsionary faculties.  The same characteristics appear when the native is a writer or artist – there is a careful conception and then an equally careful execution.

Nevertheless, the life is not generally brilliantly successful; there will be probably be need for strenuous endeavors to overcome formidable obstacles, which are often of a Neptune type, requiring tedious unraveling and disentangling.  For this work the aspects are peculiarly suited, and the natives who have it and are otherwise capable may be said as a rule to deserve success even if they cannot command it.

There is a tendency for the contact to make a humorist, for the sense of orderliness that it confers easily sees the comic side of incongruity: in more serious examples the incongruous is simply displeasing.

Natives with this combination are often affected through the father, who will frequently show the Neptunian qualities.  He may be religious, and is often easy-going and sometimes commonplace; he may be unbusinesslike and inclined to the temperament of a Micawber.  On the other hand, acting more favourably, it may show him to be a practical idealist.  In either event he will probably be a dreamer of dreams.

The native is nearly always a hard worker with a strong dislike of being surpassed by others.



In a good map this gives unusual powers, the native being able to plan and to execute, working hard.  It is excellent for business or for politics and has some affinity with the church.  It is apt to produce something of an egotist, though the disposition may be kind.  The native is apt to think himself or his work to be much more important than it really is.  It is often found in the horoscopes of those who, with affected or sincere humility on the personal side, insist that they are the instruments – the chosen and special instruments – of Exalted Beings, and so forth.  In such cases it is the expansive and formless side of Neptune which overcomes and drowns, as it were, the matter-of-fact sense of Saturn.

It appears to favour both mathematical and musical ability, perhaps by reason of its sense of exactness, time and order.  In any case, the abilities are very often out of the ordinary.

Provided Saturn is the stronger, it favours success by hard work, but usually also at the price of scandal and defamation, often in respect of sexual matters, or as the house occupied may indicate.  It is not a position which is likely to cause the native to be fond of contact with the downtrodden or the poor, and is somewhat ambitious, fond of authority and management, and liking to exercise disciplinary powers.   But if Neptune predominates these ambitious tendencies will be much less in evidence.

Owing to the contrary natures of the two planets there are often two sides to the character, or two periods of the life, the one materialistic and hard-headed, and the other idealistic.  Or, if other aspects help, these two may be blended concordantly.



This influence varies from the other-worldly, who lack ambition and do not wish to be troubled with responsibility, to the crafty and designing who wish to win through at all costs and by any means.  The two planets are of so different a nature that the character of the native is also divided, presenting very contradictory aspects at different times or in connection with different matters.  There is nearly always the power to work hard, and even the Opposition may not hinder great success (Henry Ford).  On the other hand, the desire for retirement and seclusion may predominate.

There is usually a certain degree of self-will, and sometimes the native nourishes fantastic and impractical schemes and ambitions.

There is scandal and sometimes even downfall, but nevertheless these aspects do not appear always to be serious, and, being of long duration by reason of the slowness of the two bodies involved, they need not be taken as very important unless they are either very close, or on angles or involved with other bodies.

Since Saturn rules the 11th house essentially, the friends may be treacherous, unstable, parasitic or implicated in scandals.

The ambitions are frequently thwarted and one’s good name is liable to be assailed by hidden channels and in ways difficult of detection.

I have known great suspiciousness under this contact.  It may even lead to a definite persecution mania.




Wolseley, Gordon, Grant, Wallenstein, Lord Roberts, Harry Lauder, Mary Pickford.


The Conjunction

Gladstone, C.W. Leadbeater, German Crown Prince, Chopin, Anna Kingsford.



William Blake, Henry Ford, Queen Victoria, Lloyd George