Sun / Jupiter





These are commonly supposed to confer abundant wealth and success; but their action seems actually to be predominantly intellectual.


They confer mental powers above the ordinary, and an inoffensive, quiet, benevolent disposition.  In so far as they bring success they do so by means of intellectual achievements more often than in any other way; but they do not care for the competition and hardships of industrial life and prefer to live peaceably, often in circumstances of natural simplicity rather than the opulent state that tradition has rather led us to suppose.  Their wants are few and moderate and their pleasures are generally intellectual.  Where the native takes part in arduous enterprises (as James II, an able admiral prior to his coronation) Mars will be found prominent.


It is a good aspect for the sea and all things connected therewith, as well as for law, publishing, religion, foreign lands, and all other matters of the 9th house, as well as for those of the 12th.


It is of interest to see that both William II of Germany and President Ebert had this trine in the same signs.  William was certainly a religious man, though the debility of both bodies made his religion distorted.  He was also brilliant intellectually.


I have known Sun Trine Jupiter men who lived cheerfully in poverty, possessing almost nothing except books, good spirits, and moderate health.   It is the least personally ambitious of any configuration and can even be shy.  From an external point of view it is high beneficent and protective, so that the native is very rarely in want of anything; his simple needs are usually supplied, sometimes, as it were, providentially.  In the same way it protects against ill-health and accidents, and it is a powerful aid in combating the effects of any malefic aspects.


Contrary to what might be expected, it is averse to travelling, or cares but little about it, unless there is an intellectual desire to gratify.   It has no restlessness.  Such journeys as it likes are of a mild sort, to take a little rest or visit friends for a quiet time.   I have noticed that even highly intelligent men, possessing ease and leisure, travel little if they have this contact, although one might suppose that a desire for experience and knowledge of the world would cause them to visit distant lands and peoples.   It can be very conventional and stereotyped.


It is morally sound, having neither the desire nor the daring to commit crime and being, moreover, kindly disposed to all.






This may be regarded as a potent benefic influence, probably in a general way second to none in this respect.  It is more ambitious and active than the Trine or Sextile, but commonly it resembles them in the simplicity of its life.   It has literary, religious, scientific and philosophical tendencies, and may also be inclined to military and naval matters.


It has the benevolence of the good aspects, but perhaps it is more vigorous, decisive and direct in expression, and there may be a taste for invective or satire if Mars is also strong.






These are far more restless than the Trine or Sextile.  The mental powers are often good, as the examples below will confirm, but they are frequently used on behalf of unpopular or unconventional causes, or in such a way as to do the native but little good in a worldly sense.  There is a fatal tendency to imprudence, carelessness, love of hazard, and blind optimism: they may result in serious loss and financial or social entanglements.  There is often a youthful and boyish freshness that is quite as pleasant to behold as the steadier effects of the Trines and Sextile; but this juvenility may lead to catastrophes when it means that there is a young head on old shoulders and the responsibilities of age are carried in the spirit of the schoolboy.


They are adventurous and get into strange places and they do not care for grooves or drudgery at all, in this respect contrasting with the tranquil good contacts.


They are prone to ignore authority and convention and can be self-opiniated and rebellious.   Sometimes there is a tendency to vainglory and show, but this depends, for its outward manifestation, on Saturn, which may restrain open ostentation and relegate this propensity to the “unconscious” whence may arise harmless but foolish dreams of pomp and circumstance.


The good nature is perceptibly less than with the favourable aspects; it can be selfish and lazy, except when engaged on its own activities.  It is less religious, but more superstitious and prone to “cults.” It has not the quiet good breeding of the other aspects.


Nor does it appear to be fond of the simple life, though a faulty liver may drive it to temporary abstentions.  It may be alternately mean and wasteful, gluttonous and ascetic.


It seems to gain most from the good Saturnine contacts, either to the Sun or Jupiter.  The more profuse and precipitate sides of the influence are then held in check, and though there will be certainly trouble of the 9th and 12th house order, this may be less the native’s fault than his misfortune, and may ultimately be surmounted by patience and care.   Even faulty Saturnian action, if prominent, may do something to neutralize an afflicted Jupiter, as two poisons may act as antidotes one to another.   But if Saturn be not so much afflicted as weak in action, both good and bad, the results may be serious.


The cultivation of a steady, matter-of-fact attitude may be advised, and a constant determination to seek only what has been earned by honest work.  It will be well to distrust all who offer short-cuts to success or attainment, or who paint things in roseate colours, appealing to the gambling and get-rich-quick tendencies.  The same applies to those false prophets who promise “occult” or falsely so-called “spiritual” attainments as the results of “stunts”  The native will often be tempted with specious, unsound things, and the results may be grave, for the 12th house side of Jupiter must not be forgotten – self-undoing.


The evil effects will be materially lessened in a generally good map, or if the Sun and Jupiter are otherwise well placed, as by sign and aspect.  In any case, a contact of any sort with Jupiter tends to lift the native above the sordid and commonplace – if only in imagination.


The effects on the health are chiefly due to imprudence and excess in diet and to a defective action of the liver with consequent toxemia.   It tends to gout and obesity.  Generally speaking there is need for an active and abstemious life, but the native will probably dislike this prospect and practice restraint too fitfully, if at all.








Isaac Newton, J.M. Barrie, Harry Lauder, Lily Langtry, the ex-Kaiser, President Ebert, G.B. Shaw, Caesar Borgia, Sir Arthur Sullvian, “Sepharial.”




The Conjunction


Alan Leo, William III, Ulysses Grant, William Blake, A.J. Balfour, Rudyard Kipling, Morin (last official French Astrologer), Blackbourne (chess champion), Clarence Hatry (financier), “General” Bramwell Booth






Richard Garnett, Mackensen (German general), Kant, Bismark, Ramsay MacDonald, Mrs. Eddy, Oscar Wilde, Gladstone, Henry of Navarre (“Paris vaut une messe.”), Isadore Duncan.