Sun / Uranus




This is pre-eminently a contact of leadership, for the will, in all Sun-Uranus aspects, is strong and independent, and the native will, either naturally or by his own conscious efforts, obtain a position of some authority and independence.  Moreover, it is a very popular configuration, and the native is readily liked and obeyed, sometimes by reason of his mental or other powers, but more often by his personality, which appears to emanate some kind of magnetism that attracts and holds.  It is not always tactful; but there is breadth of vision and stability of purpose; the native is often identified with some cause or movement; he does not waver or fluctuate in his aims and opinions; there is nothing in him of the opportunist (unless other aspects bestow this), and as a result people feel that he stands for something definite, and can be depended on.  But, while not of a time-serving temper, the Sun-Uranus man has a keen and true sense of the dramatic, and may often be a most convincing and powerful orator, there being great reserves of nervous and emotional strength, and a burning zeal.

As a ruler it is efficient, scientific, despotic, but not unbending and automatic; it has feeling, and can be appealed to on the emotional side, especially if the cause that is pleaded has a dramatic aspect.

So far as feeling goes, Uranus tends to a rough-and-ready, careless good-nature.  Uranus rising is usually kind but rather casual and off-hand.

It differs diametrically from Sun-Neptune in its love of power, responsibility and publicity.

It occurs constantly in the nativities of statesmen, generals, municipal officials, civil servants, and, to a less extent and in combination with other planets, in those of eminent thinkers.

In the nativities of girls it often indicates a “good” marriage to one in authority.



The Conjunction of these bodies is a powerful configuration with an influence not dissimilar from the Harmonious aspects, but liable, if the rest of the horoscope inclines in that direction, to some of the features of the malefic aspects, such as rebelliousness, perverseness and obstinate persistence in unwise courses.

It seems to favour a scientific or literary career; it is averse to conventional occupations and must be permitted to make its own way in life.

Since the planet is said to rule, or to have marked affinity with, Aquarius, which is the detriment of the Sun, it may be supposed that the two have little sympathy.  Yet there are unquestionable points of resemblance, and I have not myself observed disastrous consequences from the Conjunction.  On the other hand, it is very frequently indicative of great talent.



Unless the horoscope contains other mitigating features these contacts are likely to be of an unfortunate nature, even to the extent of catastrophe.  The native may be individualistic almost to the point of anarchy.

Furthermore, the self-will is likely to be extreme and the judgment is perverse, refusing, when the self-will is aroused, to take account of the most patent and important facts.   Sometimes the afflicted-Uranus person is, as it were, impelled from without to work his own destruction or injury.   Vanity, morbid sensitiveness and wrong-headedness of every kind characterize this class of aspects: if the native is a genius, it will rob him of many of the rewards of genius; if he is capable, he will still, by some foolish act, destroy the fruits of his own work, perhaps after much labour and effort.   Even if he is personally amiable, he will still be stubborn, misguided and fickle.  The views, interests and pursuits are always liable to be completely changed, abruptly and often frequently.

In women it is certainly less dangerous than in men, but it indicates high nervous tension sometimes bordering on the hysterical; and if they are called on to exercise authority the same tendency will be seen to “take hold of the wrong end of the stick” and to be their own enemy, by some uncalled-for and unnecessary ineptitude.  It is not in everyday life that this affliction will generally appear; it will act only occasionally, but often at most critical times.

In matters of health it inclines to nervous complaints and also to deep-rooted and obscure ailments.  In the case of married women, there is danger of miscarriage.

It is a common contact in the maps of leaders of “occult” movements and peculiar cults; but it is an aspect of discord and disruption, and none the less so because such people frequently preach “brotherhood” before all things, the benefits of this fraternal feeling being as a rule exclusively reserved for those who are prepared to “feed out of the hand” of the teacher!  As a general rule they are difficult people to be on the wrong side of, and in such circumstances can be “good haters.” In Sun-Uranus there is rarely the humility and self-forgetfulness of the true mystic, although in this respect the Square is better than the Opposition, and, of course, careful attention must be paid, as always, to the rest of the map.

Where there is no support from other bodies there can be no doubt that these aspects call for great self-control of the feeling side of the nature, as well as a strenuous effort to maintain mental balance and common-sense.  The native cannot be too careful to avoid precipitate action, especially when the feelings are aroused.   Above all, the tendency to indulge in inflated fancies of the kind that panders to personal vanity must be avoided, for the dramatic proclivities of the Harmonious aspects appear in the Inharmonious ones in the guise of self-glorifying impulses, which may have serious results if the rest of the map is of the same kind.  There is usually a complete lack of humour in so far as the native is himself the target thereof.

It is not a criminal contact and appears to indicate peril to the emotional nature rather than the passional.  Furthermore, it may be conceded that it is commonly found in the maps of gifted people, though they may be eccentric and have the other failings here mentioned.  Again the ideals may be high and the intentions of the best, nor are they ever cunning or underhand.  They may organize well, and it may be said that often a person with the Inharmonious contacts will for a long period behave as wisely and successfully as if he had the Harmonious: then he will perhaps suddenly and without reason go off at a tangent and either abandon or gravely injure the construction he has raised.  If they inherit or take over a “going concern” they tend to tamper with it, and cannot let well alone.




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The Conjunction

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