Sun / Venus



These bodies are never further apart than 48 degrees, and for this reason the only possible aspects are the Conjunction, Parallel, Semi-Sextile and Semi-Square.  Of these the first is of course by far the most important, although it is not always obviously influential in respect of externals.  Venus is perhaps the most interior of all planets in its action, and is concerned primarily with mental and emotional states, and in particular with the faculty of comparison and with the affections.


As regards character, the Conjunction indicates a warm-hearted, affectionate disposition, and it is also highly conducive to content and cheerfulness, though less so than the Conjunction of Mercury and Venus.  Since the Sun is debilitated in the positive sign of Venus, it follows that the solar and Venerean influences are dissimilar, the former being in a sense more robust and less delicate and gentle in character.  It is sometimes said that the Conjunction inclines to effeminancy; but it is more true to say that it denotes an inclination for artistic pursuits and refined conditions, and such a tendency might be considered effeminate by those who are of courser fibre.  The cases of President Hindenburg and Dr. Annie Besant are evidence that by itself the Conjunction cannot be of a debilitating character.


It seems to be sometimes bad for marriage, having a separative effect; and there may be a touch of resentfulness and combativeness in it, since Venus naturally rules the 7th house.  It is an indication that a large family is unlikely.


On the whole I think this aspect is not conducive to worldly achievement, by reason of the rather delicately poised type of character that it signifies.  From this must be expected those pursuits, such as the arts, to which Venus is specially akin.  In any case the map should be examined to see whether it contains other more vigorous elements, failing which there may be nothing more than a mere dilettantism.


The Semi-Sextile, though a weak influence, betokens good humour, cheerfulness, and optimism.  There is often a liking for human nature and for fun.  An orb of about 2 degrees might be allowed for this contact.


The Semi-Square inclines to make women and girls excitable, emotional, warm-hearted, but without much stability.  It is, in my opinion, by no means inferior to the Conjunction so far as actual artistic ability is concerned, and when it is close (say within 2 degrees) there is usually talent for Venus pursuits, and particularly for music and dancing.  It is not very favourable for marriage, although by itself it should not be taken as a sufficient indication of celibacy or an unfortunate alliance.   The family may be numerous, and, in female maps, it seems strongly to incline to feminine offspring; there is usually trouble with one of them.  It commonly bestows personal charm.


Much the same is true with men.  It is not good for compatibility in marriage, or, if this exists, there is usually some other cause of sorrow in the married life.  Nevertheless, it is a secondary influence, and must be judged as such.   It seems (in men) to indicate shyness and solitary habits, with considerable sensitiveness, even though this may in some instances (such as the ex-Kaiser) be masked behind bravado and noise.


In the maps of rulers it seems to denote restless and disloyal subjects and unfortunate foreign adventures and wars.






The Conjunction


President Loubet, Hindenburg, Dr. Annie Besant, P.B. Shelley, A.J. Balfour, G.B. Shaw, Lord Leverhulme, Chopin, Domitian, Marie Antoinette.






Lord Oxford (N.H. Asquith), Alfonso XIII, William of Orange, Czar Nicholas II, Adeline Patti, J.M. Barrie, William II of Germany.