Venus / Uranus




This is a combination which usually signifies unusual taste and some degree of artistic ability.

There may be talent for music, literature or the drama; it is often witty, fascinating, humorous or charming, especially if Leo rises.  With a prominent Mars there may be ability for work in metals.

It tends somewhat to eccentricity, sentiment and romance, the passions being very sensitive.

In many cases it seems to be rather a dumb note and goes no further than a mild liking for music.

So far as externals are concerned it favours popularity, easy circumstances and enjoyable, though not always steadfast, relations with the other sex.  Very much depends upon the ability of the native to find an adequate outlet for the emotional nature, for there is a proclivity towards adventures in love, and the romantic part of the nature may lead to looseness of conduct unless it can be “sublimated” in some harmless way.  For example, Petrarch (Venus Trine Uranus in Libra) expressed his romantic nature by writing sonnets to Laura, while living a perfectly comfortable and respectable life with a wife and several children, being plump and well-fed at a time when, according to his writings, Love denied him food, sleep and most other necessities.  Or, again, romance may be sought in stranger directions, as in the case of William Blake, who was most happily married, but allowed the eccentricity of Uranus to find vent for itself in such peculiar habits as insisting on receiving and entertaining his guests in a completely unclothed condition, by way of demonstrating beyond all argument the fact of his having regained man’s pristine “innocence of childhood pure.” Another eccentric, but (so far as I know) perfectly moral Venus-Uranus man was Joseph Smith, the Mormon, who “rationalised” the inner cravings of the aspect by producing a polygamous religion, miraculously revealed.

On the other hand, we owe it to this aspect to record that Queen Victoria had it; but it was wide and separating.   Venus was in Aries, and the sudden loss of her husband (Uranus between 7 th and 8th houses) seems to have been its exterior effect.



The inner effect is a high state of emotional tension with a craving for peace, perfection and the realization of beauty in the life and surroundings.  From this we may get a great genius, but always accompanied by self-will, waywardness and lack of practical common sense and balance, unless indeed the horoscope powerfully supports the aspect with steadying influences.   In an ordinary map it inclines to wildness, excitability and recklessness in incurring personal risk, both physical and in the way of reputation.

Exteriorly it tends to danger of violence, attacks or accidents, if the rest of the nativity is of this kind.



Though far less depressing than the evil aspects of Venus and Saturn, this combination has a tendency to make the native extremely “touchy,” so that co-operation of any kind becomes almost impossible.  There is self-will, and sometimes an unusual rigidity of outlook and opinion from which the native cannot be moved; indeed it often happens that he will refuse to discuss his reasons or motives.  The feelings seem subtly to dominate the will, so that the native, while remaining outwardly rational and logical, will persist in an unfortunate course, and will refuse to give away or concede anything, with the strange unreasonableness of the Uranian.  The character is often good and kind, but the orientation of the will is, as it were, distorted.

Unfortunate associates menace the life, both in love and in business, as well as in other ways.  In marriage the partner is uncongenial or dies, and sometimes the native is changeful or exacting or eccentric.  It inclines to peculiar and unconventional ideas about sex, and the native often has an exaggerated idea of independence and personal freedom, overlooking the fact that man is naturally gregarious and is more or less dependent on his fellows, whether he cares to admit this dependence or not.  But the aspect does not incline to promiscuity or vulgar vice, and its connection with sexual perversion has probably been extremely exaggerated.

It may concur with other features to signify tragic separations and bereavements either in marriage or other near relationships.

It is a somewhat common feature in the natives of suicides, and it is also sometimes found in the horoscopes of child-victims of assault and sexual offenses, so that children possessing it should be carefully protected.

It is not favourable with regard to the mother, who may die early, or be unfortunate or uncongenial.

It inclines to nervous instability and various nervous afflictions, probably due to repressed or defeated desires, for the desire-nature is strong and does not easily submit to repulse or rejection.  It is useless to expect persons with this aspect to live a strictly conventional or harshly Puritanic life, for repression is likely to cause violent outbreaks or else repression-neuroses.

The effects of the sexual life upon the health are often unhelpful.




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