Welcome, Students of Astrology.  If you already have your personal horoscope natal chart printed out, then you’re prepared to use this site.   Simply look up your planetary aspects using the page links above.

This website is a presentation of the public domain astrology textbook “The Astrological Aspects” by Charles E.O. Carter, published in 1930.  Being familiar with astrological symbols and terminology will be helpful.  At the end of each listing, you will find Carter’s list of examples for each aspect.  Now thanks to the internet and Wikipedia, you should be able to find biographies on almost every single person listed for further study.

Unfortunately, this website doesn’t offer any commercial or automated services.   If you need your horoscope natal/birth chart, you may get free chart drawings at professional astrological websites such as Astro Dienst and Cafe Astrology.  Or you can find suitable resources and services at the American Federation of Astrologers:

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